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Brianna Frost Hogan was born in Pittsburgh, PA Sept 22nd 1987.

She moved with her mom, dad and older brother to New Jersey at 2 years old then back to Pennsylvania to attend Penn Sate and study business management.

She took the end of her sophomore semester off to travel to London to film the MTV show ''The Girls of Hedsor Hall." The show was based on young women who were out of control and needed to attend a special school to change their bad habits/behavior and become ladies.

Though Brianna described herself as a nymphomaniac on the show she struggled with alcoholism, self abuse and anger management.

Brianna was discovered on YouTube as a freshman in college when she posted a strip tease video online mocking Keyra Augustina.

Worldstarhiphop noticed her online, started working with Brianna and advertising her strip teases.

Brianna was Miss Howard TV for April 2008, on MTV and G4 named her as the #6 most popular and viewed woman of the web (Megan Fox was #2), announced her as the #3 sexiest vixen in the USA and the top 3 for the best and most popular web cam models in the world.

Brianna is known for her sexy, exotic look thanks to her African American, Native American and German background and her sleeve tattoo on her left arm with the serenity prayer as she is a sober alcoholic. She is also an NPC competitor wanting to go pro and has competed in body building competitions since 2013 in Chicago.

Though Brianna is seen as very provocative and "slutty" online she has said she is very shy in person.On her site she has made numerous boy/girl videos with men she has been in long term relationships with. She has never been married and does not have any kids. She currently resides in Pennsylvania.


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